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Spaces of Light
Connie Fiedler
April 2 - May 11, 2009


Despite family objections, Connie Fiedler, a resident of Stone Ridge, New York, was irresistibly drawn to a career in fine art.  Her indirect path involved sixteen successful years as an award winning professional photographer, before she allowed herself the excitement of becoming a full-time professional painter.


Painting in her expressive, though realistic style, Fiedler’s power is often felt in the large brush strokes in her paintings which are both rich in color and abundant in texture.  She begins her process by choosing an inspirational scene.  Drawing on her memories and several photographic elements of this landscape, she creates a larger, more abstract painting in her studio.  Inspired by Kahn, Whistler, Wyeth and Sargent, Fiedler admires their contemplative manner and their ability to capture the mood of a landscape in a moment in time. 


Fiedler tries to reflect the fleeting sense of time and the changing light of the seasons in her work.  She is sensitive to the muted tones and the flowing minimalism of spring, fall and winter, and is challenged by summer’s overpowering greens.  Although Fiedler has painted landscapes throughout the world, she especially loves the Northeast and Tuscany, where variations in light and landscape continually delight and inspire her.

Echoed Here and There

Echoed Here and There - 20 x 40




Summons to the Beholder

Summons to the Beholder - 12 x 36


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