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Perceptive Portraits
Barbara Green
May 14 - June 22, 2009

Throughout history, some of the most memorable images have been those inhabited with faces.  Portraits have the ability to hypnotize viewers, leaving an imprint on the inner psyche.  Whether young or old, beautiful or plain, the human face has served artists as a constant source of inspiration.


The pastel portraits of Barbara Green, who was born in Brooklyn, and now resides in Catskill, New York, demonstrate her ability to capture the multi-layered essence of each person.  The subjects of her portraits are varied and include men and women, young and old, tough prize fighters, and delicate but strong ballet dancers.  A review of her work in the American Artist Magazine said that “In New York artist Barbara Green’s pastels, strong value contrasts and rich but subdued color are applied to figural themes interjected with a classical restraint . . . “ In portraying her subjects Green illuminates the differences and parallels between men and women,  but to each she imparts dignity and distinction and presents a persuasive visual statement for the viewer to contemplate.


Green received a B.S. In art education from New York University and an M.F.A. From Instituto Allende in Mexico.  Her work has been shown in numerous galleries throughout the Hudson Valley and in other parts of New York State as well as in New Jersey, Connecticut and Mexico.  Her paintings and drawings of fighters Mike Tyson and Cus d’Amato have appeared on both the ABC TV show “Show Heros,” hosted by Joe Namath and on an HBO pre-fight presentation.  Her work was exhibited at the Hebrew Union College in an exhibit titled “I Stood Terrified . . . The Expulsion from Spain, 1492" and in 2002 more than thirty of her paintings were featured in a show titled “The Holocaust: Through the Eyes of Artists” at The Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County. 

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