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“Angles & Curves” 

David Montgomery and Andrew Roberts
August 7 - September 8, 2008


David Montgomery, a resident of Greene County, works with “found” scrap metal and copper to create his wall sculptures.  His choice of materials and its integrity is crucial to the final forms he creates.  Montgomery does not paint or decorate the surface of the scrap metal, but uses simple construction methods to turn the material into colorful, life-size human torso cutouts or other objects.  The primitive, folk quality of Montgomery’s cutouts is evoked by his use of scrap metal which is sometimes rusted and often still bears the original paint. 


Montgomery’s inspiration for his cutouts comes from traditional sources, such as Picasso’s early sculpture and his interest in classical antiquity.  He equates the peeling, decaying quality of Rome’s buildings with the metal he finds at junk yards and demolition sights 


Showing his work in the gallery for the first time is Andrew Roberts, a resident of  the Saratoga region of upstate New York.  Roberts primarily works in steel, an extraordinarily  influential material as it has completely changed the world since it became commonly available.  Roberts says he finds steel to be very versatile as it can be rugged and strong or delicate and balanced and its surface can be coarse, polished or worked in ways which will release a spectrum of colors. Roberts starts each sculpture with material that contains some meaning for him.  The metal can come from a project or location that is important to him personally, or it can be raw material that comes directly from a steel provider.  The intention of a completed piece is often influenced by the material’s origin.