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Shawn Baker
January 8 - February 16, 2009


A resident of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Shawn Baker, who studied dance for many years, is a self-taught artist.  Working with watercolor inks and custom-made brushes on coated paper, her work moves across the paper reflecting the shapes and forms found in nature - underwater life, canyons and gemstones.  Obviously influenced by her years as a dancer, Baker’s work is charged with the voluptuous and sensual forms found in nature.  Each piece of work is  unique much like a snowflake or a cloud. 


When asked about the inspiration for her work Baker states that she’s “always been in love with things that move, with color and with shapes and forms.”  She says that what she tries to capture in her work are “things caught in the wind, dance, speed, wind surfing, clouds, snowflakes, a tango.” 


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