Deborah Davis Fine Art

43 Deer Drive

Claverack, New York

Phone: 518-828-2939

“Embracing Nature” 


March 24 - June 4, 2007     


After six years at its former Warren Street location, Deborah Davis Fine Art, Inc., has moved to 510 Warren Street, Hudson, New York and will open on Saturday, March 24, 2007 with a show titled “Embracing Nature” which will feature landscapes and other depictions of natural scenery.  Artists in this group show include Yale Epstein, Connie Fiedler, Susan Godwin, F. E. Green, Stanley Maltzman, Susan Harding Merancy, Juhani Palmu, H. M. Saffer, II, and Carol Slutzky-Tenerowicz.


Yale Epstein, a resident of Woodstock, New York, is an artist who explores the meaning of life through his love and commitment to the landscape.  Experiencing earth, sky and sea in a profound way, he transcends the material world and creates a cosmic universe of order and beauty which is reflected in his art. Yale Epstein’s work reflects his reaction to nature which is both spiritual and sensual.


A resident of Stone Ridge, New York, Connie Fiedler has returned to her first love, painting, after a successful career as an award-winning professional photographer.  Fiedler uses a loose, realistic style, relying upon the marks characteristic to large brushes to achieve rich color and abundant texture.  Fiedler states that she tries to capture the fleeting sense of the season and time through her work.  She has painted worldwide but prefers the Northeast and Tuscany, where she continues to find inspiration in the many variations of light on the landscape.


Originally from California and now living in Greene County, F. E. Green states that he was drawn to the Hudson River Valley to paint because of its “type” of light, its history of landscape painting and the ever-changing atmosphere experienced when painting on site.  His paintings reflect place and embody a romantic quality that is meditative.  They are observations of nature, the shifting and variable atmospheric conditions found in this region and express his relationship with and love of the area.


Stanley Maltzman is a highly acclaimed landscape artist, as well as an accomplished author and educator.  He is a naturalist whose affection for working outdoors stems from living in the Hudson Valley, a region rich in art history and scenery.  Maltzman is a plein-air painter and believes that there is a certain sense of communion with nature that is captured by working in the fields or woods where one can touch, smell and observe the beauty that surrounds you which cannot be achieved by working indoors.