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All About Food 


April 17  -  May 12, 2008


A few years ago, a personal project for a family cookbook led Marie-Louise McHugh to create a number of small still life canvases in which she grouped ingredients for various recipes.  In the process she decided to introduce funny little twists into the composition, like depicting a fish hanging upside down over potatoes and asparagus spears, or a real chicken looking at a chicken ready for the oven.  Halfway through this project, McHugh realized how much she liked what was happening on her canvases and decided to further explore this subject independently of the cookbook.   Using smaller canvases than was her norm allowed her to explore the use of thicker and more textured application of paint, creating luscious, colorful and sensuous small works in oil. 


The subject matter in this show features McHugh’s body of work exploring the simple imagery of food and celebrates her love of sensual, organic shapes (pears, female nudes, cone flowers, etc.) that have always been a part of her work.  Through her paintings she points out how forms in nature tend to replicate themselves in different organic entities, and in doing so, she takes something very simple out of the realm of the mundane and puts it into that of the fabulous. 


Born and raised in Switzerland, McHugh first started her work in the fine arts as a photographer and collage artist.  She moved to the Untied States in 1970 where she started focusing her energies on developing her oil painting techniques.  She started exhibiting her work in the late 1980s.  Since then her paintings have been exhibited extensively in galleries, museums and universities in the northeast and are part of corporate and private collections in the USA, Switzerland and Hong Kong.