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Fragments & Figments

August 10 - September 24, 2006


A fragment is a small part that is broken off or detached; it may be incomplete, disconnected or an odd bit from something larger. A figment may be a contrived or fantastic idea, a fabrication, a fantasy or something believed to be real but which exists only in the imagination. Using these concepts, the artists in this show have created paintings and collages with layers of color, varying forms, bits of material and found objects. The results are replete with intricate detail that will delight the viewer.
Collage Diptych III by Willie Marlowe Acrylic on Paper 7' x 11'Willie Marlowe works with intimately scaled acrylic paintings and states that she is attracted to the intensity, focus and presence a small painting can have. She is interested in the contrasts between textured surfaces and luminosity which is achieved through multiple layers of translucent glazes. Her paintings "have been compared to the brilliant colors and flowing shapes of the aquatic underworld, the foliage of tropical gardens, lush landscapes, and the cellular world of microbiology." A North Carolina native, Marlowe now lives in Albany and has an extensive national and international exhibition record.

Jupiter by Jeanne Crane Straussman Cloth and Metal Collage on Bookbinding 7.5' x 9.875'


Jeanne Crane Strausman is a collagist and fabric artist who relocated from Manhattan to an old farm in Albany County in the the Catskills. Strausman uses textiles, vintage papers, found objects and bookbindings to create work which reflects her interests in nature, women’s issues, and American history. To the viewer her collages may tell a story or simply give a glimpse into and a sense of the past.

Alphabet Series 'R' by Anique Taylor Mixed Media on Canvas 24' x24'


Exhibiting at DDFA for the first time is Anique Taylor, a resident of Phoenicia, New York. Taylor will be showing several paintings from her "Alphabet Series." Taylor states that she is intrigued with detail, juxtapositions, color, and abundance - wanting every inch of her paintings to teem with life through detail and texture. Each letter of the alphabet is composed of a network of tightly interwoven patterns and tones positioned with people, plants, animals, houses, and scenes from both modern and mythical life in both real and surreal situations. All colors are carefully balanced to vibrate deeply with each other. To Taylor the subject matter of the alphabet paintings is about our individual journeys or the re-attainment of primeval bliss.