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January 24 - February 18, 2008


Marianne van Lent, who divides her time between Greene County and Manhattan, has been painting the Hudson River and its surrounding area for many years, stating that they have become the inspiration for the imagery of her landscape paintings.  Influenced by the Hudson River School and the Northern European tradition of romanticism, where nature corresponds to human emotional states, her paintings explore the “dream of place.”  They communicate a longing for a time and place that embodies the spiritual sanctuary of pure nature, far from the faster and faster pace of our technological age.


The paintings in this exhibit are either fresco secco or suspended pigment on canvas.  Fresco secco is a technique of great antiquity which involves the skill of painting on dried lime plaster.  Colors must first be ground in a binder before being applied to the plaster which has set or dried.  The result is a pleasing mat surface of variably bright colors. 


Van Lent’s work has been exhibited in the Hudson Valley, New York City and its environs and in Germany.  Her work is in numerous corporate collections including, American Express, British Airways, Chase Manhattan Bank, Delta Airlines, Donna Karan and Saatchi & Saatchi.