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Patricia R. Hogan

September 11 - October 6, 2008



Patricia Hogan, a resident of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, specializes in paintings inspired by nature.  Recent works reflect her respect and love for the beautiful Berkshires, the mountains and sea coast of Maine and the vanishing islands of the Chesapeake Bay.  Hogan is passionate about watercolor and the illusions created through the transparency and luminescence of the medium.  However, her interest in mixed media began as a desire to explore water media beyond the traditional transparent applications.  As a result, she began to experiment with texture by incorporating rice and tissue papers into her landscapes, painting on gessoed surfaces and collaging old paintings.  As her work progressed in this new direction Hogan became fascinated with layering, with building up surfaces and then revealing bits and pieces of what is underneath.  She collages and de-collages, paints and scrapes and then adds and subtracts from each piece until something personal and truthful evolves.


The recently completed paintings that will be exhibited are about chaos and order and things lost and found.  Some pieces lament lost language arts, some celebrate the written word, others are about reuse and recycling and many include gifts from our increasingly fragile sea.  Most of Hogan’s works are paintings within, over and under each other, much like life’s many rich, fragile, frustrating layers.