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October 25 - November 26, 2007                                                                       


Husband and wife artists, Albert Strausman and Jeanne Crane Strausman relocated from Manhattan to an old farmhouse in Albany County in the Catskills, where they work in their respective studios to create pieces of art that are not unlike improvisations which are created spontaneously or without preparation and are made or invented from available materials.  Although working in different mediums the commonality between the pieces of sculpture made by Albert Strausman and the collages made by Jeanne Strausman is that they both use materials that may have been a small part that has  broken off or detached from something else or that may be incomplete, disconnected, or an odd bit from something larger.  Using these objects the Strausmans create sculpture and collages with layers of color, varying forms, bits of material and found objects.  The results are replete with intricate detail  that will delight the viewer.  


Albert Strausman uses discarded, time-worn odds and ends of metal, wood and other materials to make both his wall sculptures and his three dimensional standing pieces.  He translates the energy and aura of the untraceable earlier lives of these materials by assembling them into new objects that express something of time, change, rebirth, dreams and memories.


Jeanne Crane Strausman is a collagist and fabric artist who has been working with textiles and papers since the 1970's.  She studied Color and Textile/Surface design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and now uses textiles, vintage papers, found objects and book bindings to create work which reflects her interests in nature, women’s issues, and American history.  To the viewer her collages may tell a story or simply give a glimpse into and a sense of the past.