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"In My Garden "


September 27 - October 22, 2007


A native New Yorker who now lives in Virginia, Sally Bowring’s paintings reference garden arrangement, natural patterns and textiles and are a combination of intuitive decisions with formal structure.  Her images are built with veils of color, marks and stenciled forms, and use colors which range from the atmospheric to the saturated. 


Bowring states that philosophically her paintings address issues of fragmentation and segmentation.  Most of her paintings leave shapes fragmented and undone giving the viewer the sense that perhaps something has been left out or that something needs to be filled in.  This spatial fragmentation is Bowring’s way of giving clues and leaving evidence to provide the viewer with some kind of visual implication.  


Commenting on the theme of this work, Bowring says “The early sprout in the spring garden promises and implies the full life cycle.  Being partly done, unfinished, or not fully developed, it embodies an optimistic promise for things continuing, things in the middle of something with more to come.” 


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