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Seduced by Color
Lydia Johnston
October 9 - November 3, 2008

Lydia JohnstonLydia Johnston’s oil landscape paintings reflect the natural beauty of southern Vermont where she has lived for the past twenty-eight years.  Much of her inspiration comes from the passing seasons and the fields and woods that surround her.  Johnston says that one of her favorite subjects is the meadows near her home.  She says that she is drawn to their continually changing conditions, the intense glow of a late day sunset, the quickly changing cloud patterns of a stormy sky, the lushness of midsummer, or the last blooms at the end of the season.


Johnston’s work is impressionistic and she says that her goal is to capture the mood of the moment.  When the weather permits, she paints en plein air.  Her paintings create a sense of the place without providing all the details, drawing you back continually to find something new. 


Johnston is a self-taught artist who has been working with color and design for many years.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the country and hangs in many private collections.