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“The Juice of Life”


July 5 - 30, 2007        


Born in Paris, France, Marion Vinot now resides in Columbia County.  She comes to the Hudson Valley by way of Texas, where she was a student; Mexico, where she lived with her family; New York City, where she lived and painted for ten years; and finally, St. Barthelmey, French West Indies.  According to Vinot “art is a room with a view.”  Working in both oil and oil pastels, Vinot paints characters that seem to float in a universe without tension or anguish and where the light that illuminates their faces appears to express peacefulness. The people who inhabit her canvases seem to know how to enjoy the bliss of life.  Vinot states that although she wishes to be able to paint what she sees,  spontaneity and the accident are still the “keynotes” in her paintings, both of which call upon her imagination to create an image as pleasing to her as possible.  “Painting,” she states, “is a view of the hidden self, awakening intimate secrets in the painter as well as in the viewer.”  


When asked about her latest work, Vinot states that the “Juice of Life” is food for an artist and that she often forgets that it is not the sweetest flavors that best feed her inspiration.  Vinot says that with this in mind she can say that her new work is born of an emotional necessity that has provided her with a space to nest her soul in each one of the paintings and for this she is grateful.