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“Peter Kaplan - New Work”


March 20 - April 14, 2008         



A native New Yorker, who graduated from both the High School of Music and Art and The Cooper Union, Peter Kaplan now makes his home in the Hudson Valley.  For more than twenty-five years Kaplan worked as a professional photographer in New York City.


Kaplan’s years behind the camera resonate in his work.  Refractions and diffusions of light, two of the elements that made his photography unique, now are reflected in his collages. His collages and multi-media pieces suggest the blending of natural environments with landscape and cosmic forces.  Using watercolors, acrylics and found paper material, Kaplan’s work is powerful in its energy and in its balance of both color and light.  Kaplan’s skillful use of color and light together with the way he incorporates a variety of geometric shapes into his work enable him to capture and communicate a wide range of  moods.