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Mystic Landscapes
Peter Ritzer
November 6 - December 1, 2008

Working in both oils and pastels, for more than twenty years the expression of nature has been the starting point and the exclusive subject of European artist Peter Ritzer’s work.  Parallel to the early ecological movement of the seventies, and in connection with the rediscovery of far eastern mysticism, Ritzer developed a kind of painting which achieves its effect through transparency, sensitivity and atmospheric density.     


Ritzer’s paintings direct our gaze towards the long since lost perception of the landscapes of our everyday environment and arouse in us a new and more intense relationship with our seemingly familiar surroundings.  An encounter with the work of the great Japanese master Kaii Higashiyama in 1983 confirmed and encouraged Ritzer to follow his chosen path.  In doing so Ritzer incorporated Higashiyama’s motto “. . . to arouse the innocence inside of Man by depicting untouched nature” into his work with the aim of leading us carefully towards a new consciousness of our relationship with that nature. 


Born in Munich, Germany in 1942 Ritzer studied at both Munich University and the Munich Academy of Art.  His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and shows throughout Europe and in the United States in both ;California and New York.  In 1998 Ritzer moved to Ibiza, Spain where he currently lives and paints.