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On and Off the Wall

September 28 - November 12, 2006


"On & Off the Wall," a group show of the work of five sculptors, gives the viewer a taste of the variety of techniques and mediums used by contemporary sculptors.

In her studio in Soho, New York is where Lynne Mayocole collects and manipulates found objects into sculpture and installations and uses ceramic with patina to create figurative wall pieces. Her “pole people” continue a series of small figurative wall sculptures which portray the artist’s vision of the human figure. The imagery in her work is highly imaginative, relying on a multiplicity of sources, visual punning and a selection of different materials.

Showing his work in the gallery for the first time is David Montgomery, a resident of Greene County. Working with “found” scrap metal and copper, Montgomery uses simple construction methods to turn the material into colorful, life-size human torso cutouts. He neither paints nor decorates the surface of the metal he uses evoking a primitive, folk quality to his flat form pieces.

Relocated from Manhattan to an old farmhouse in Albany County in the Catskills, Albert Strausman uses discarded, time-worn odds and ends of metal, wood and other materials to make his wall sculptures. He translates the energy and aura of their earlier lives by assembling them into new objects that express something of time, change, rebirth, dreams and memories.

Ruth Waldman, a resident of Long Island, has studied art in Florence, Italy and at both the Sculpture Center and the Art Students’ League in New York. Although she often works with the unconventional or the unfamiliar, Waldman states that she tries to give her work a life, spirit, and an emotional intent so that they “speak” to her as well as to others. Waldman’s sculptures are her vision, her voice and her means of expressing herself.

Also showing his wall mounted sculpture in the gallery for the first time is Soho artist, Sam Wiener. Wiener studied architecture and art with Josef Albers and Willem deKooning, receiving a B.F.A. from the Yale School of Fine Arts. He states that in more than 50 years of making things, painting, sculpture, architectural artwork, political art, toys, etc. he always has managed to keep an eye focused on the humorous or satirical side of art.


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